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welcome to beauty holistic avenue

Beauty Holistic Avenue, 867a Forest Road, London, E17 4AT. (Opposite Homebase)

Open: Tuesday - Friday 10am-8pm / Saturday 10am-5pm

Beauty Holistic Avenue has been providing beauty, holistic & advanced aesthetics since 1995, the most established beauty salon in Walthamstow.

We offer a wide range of treatments, to the highest of standards at an affordable price, provided by a team of highly qualified therapists who continue with post graduate training to keep up to date with this fast moving industry.

the passion behind the salon

With so many beauty salons to choose from its hard to know where to turn and I can understand that, so thought I would write a bit about why I set up beauty holistic avenue, so you know the passion behind our salon and why we are not a faceless business who does not care about our clients.

Im Vicki Hexter, the owner of beauty holistic avenue, I studied at the London College of Fashion a BTEC HND course in combined beauty therapy, cosmological science and business studies. The reason I chose to study beauty instead of become a teacher like I had planned? I had terrible skin and in my quest to deal with this I had started a passion for make-up and skin care and I was determined to learn all I could about the skin and skin care products.

I started in the west end as a make-up artist, then working as a dermalogica skin care therapist, going on the manage salons in the west end and the city. Through my training and finding dermalogica I had conquered my skin problems and I wanted to pass my knowledge onto clients. The problem was being based in the city or west end people did not want a skin treatment and have to go back to work or home on the train, so I decide to open a salon locally so people could come to me after work or on their days off.

In 1995 I open Beauty Avenue on The Avenue in Highams Park, East London (hence the name), a one room salon with myself as the only therapist and my sister helping on reception. After 3 years I was too busy to meet the demand and with parking getting more of a challenge, I move to Walthamstow right opposite homebase so the parking issue was solved and I had more rooms, so I could take on liked minded therapists to help meet the demand.

Over the years my interest increased in the benefits of treating a person holistically (treating the whole person, not just the symptoms). Many skin issues are caused by stress, hormones, illness etc., things products alone can not treat. More clients were coming to see us for massage therapies due to the rise in people searching for more than aesthetic treatments and a way of trying to combat stress and pain. So 6 years ago I added to Beauty Avenue an Holistic side

- Holistic Avenue - A team of holistic therapists and

beauty therapists like myself who have a passion

for healing.

So 20 years on, myself and my team are still

as passionate about skin care and holistic

therapies and have an amazing clientele

which we love treating. We see everyone

as an individual and try to guide and help

them to the right treatments for them, if we

do not think something is right we will say,

we will never let a client have a treatment or

use a products which is not right for them.

We always enjoy meeting new clients and

help you achieve your goal, from dealing

with skin problems, to stress management

to making you feel special for an important

day. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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